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OSV 209

Asking Price: $8,100,000.
Type: Offshore Supply Vessel
Size: 199' x 44' x 19'
Light Draft: 10'
Loaded Draft: 15'
DP 1
Year Built: 1999
USCG Certified
ABS: Classed A1, AMS, Solas
Main Engines: (2) – 3512 CAT
Max Speed: 12 knots
BHP: 2,560
Bow Thruster: (1) – 3508 CAT
Generators: (2) – 300kw 3406 CAT
Fuel Capacity: 394,000 Gallons
Ballast Water Capacity: 69,000 Gallons
Potable Water Capacity: 51,000 Gallons
Accommodations: 13
Location: Gulf of Mexico USA
DISCLAIMER: Vessel description is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed. Price Subject to change without notice. Subject to prior sale or charter.


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P.O. Box 1186
Patterson, La. 70392
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